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Organizations Related to this Project IOM – International Organization for Migration. IOM is an inter-governmental humanitarian organization; its activities focus on various aspects of human migration. Counter-trafficking is one of IOM’s service areas. Languages of the web site: English www.iom.fiInternational Organization for Migration Helsinki Office. IOM Helsinki is IOM’s Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic States. Languages of the web site: …

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What is trafficking in human beeings?Here official definitions of this phenomenon are presented. Definitions below are adopted by the main international organizations dealing with problems of trafficking in human beings, as well as selected governments and state authorities. Definitions by International Organizations International Organization for Migration Counter-trafficking measures constitute one of six International Organization for Migration’s ( service areas through …

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Take Advice

Before accepting an offer to work abroad – obtain as much information as possible. Maybe our advice will be useful for you also. Here you can learn the basic things you should do before going abroad or when already there if you want to avoid falling prey to human traffickers. If you are still not …

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Be Assisted

Victims of trafficking in women get into difficult and threatening situations, nevertheless, they are not absolutely helpless. If you were deceived by false promises of work or marriage abroad, forced into prostitution against your will, exploited, threatened or beaten, deprived of your documents or of your earnings, kept under lock or something similar has happened …

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For Specialists

TRAFFICKING IN WOMEN IN BALTIC STATES: THE EXTENT OF THE CHALLENGE AND SEARCH FOR EFFECTIVE REMEDIES(Regional Seminar Report) (IOM, 2001) This report presents summary of proceedings from the Regional Seminar in Vilnius and recapitulates the main points that emerged during its presentations and discussions. This seminar was an opportunity to summarize the results of the …

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Pilot Project

Prior to the Information Campaign the Research Phase was carried out in all three Baltic States as IOM’s pilot project “Research, Information and Legislation on Trafficking in Women in the Baltic States” (September 2000 – August 2001). This project was financially supported by US and Finish Governments. The research covered legislation on trafficking, social aspects …

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The Information Campaign is financially supported by Sida – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Sida is the Swedish government agency for bilateral international development cooperation and most of Sweden’s cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe. The overall goal of Swedish development cooperation is to raise the standard of living of poorer groups of people in the …

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IOM Migration agency

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The information campaign “Prevention of Trafficking in Women in the Baltic States” is coordinated by IOM Helsinki and IOM Vilnius in cooperation with IOM Riga and IOM Tallinn. IOM’s Mandate International Organization for Migration is an inter-governmental structure, uniting (June 2002) 93 countries as member states and 37 as observers (full list of IOM member and observer states is available at Established …

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Lithuanian Women Make Up 14,7 Percent of Trafficked Victims in Germany

Prepared according to Delfi (, 2003 08 11, Vilnius Lithuania is still the main country of origin of women trafficked for sexual exploitation in Germany. According to the news porztal “Delfi”, almost one seventh of women trafficked to Germany were women trafficked from Lithuania. This data was published by German police in their annual report …

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