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Organizations Related to this Project 
IOM – International Organization for Migration. IOM is an inter-governmental humanitarian organization; its activities focus on various aspects of human migration. Counter-trafficking is one of IOM’s service areas. 
Languages of the web site: English
International Organization for Migration Helsinki Office. IOM Helsinki is IOM’s Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic States. 
Languages of the web site: English
SIDA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. SIDA is the Swedish government agency for bilateral international development cooperation.
Languages of the web site: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
LICHR – Legal Information Center for Human Rights. Estonian non-governmental organization LICHR works to enhance the awareness about human rights in the society.
Languages of the web site: Estonian, English, Russian

Anti-Slavery International. It is an international human rights organization based in UK. The organization works against slavery and related abuses.
Languages of the web site: English
Ban Ying – German non-governmental organization. Provides assistance for victims of trafficking in women, runs coordination center and a shelter.
Languages of the web site: English, German, Russian
COATNET – International network of Catholic Organizations against Trafficking in Women. 
Languages of the web site: English, German, French 
ECPAT – a network of organizations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes.
Languages of the web site: English, French, Spanish
GAATW – The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women. GAATW coordinates, organizes and facilitates work on issues related to trafficking in persons and women’s labour migration. GAATW members consist of both organizations and individuals worldwide. 
Languages of the web site: English
La Strada Ukraine. La Strada is an international program which focuses on prevention of traffic in women, support of victims of traffic in women, influencing legislation and disseminating information on the issue..
Languages of the web site: English, Ukrainian, Russian
LEFÖ – Austrian organization providing assistance to female migrants trafficked to Austria. The organization runs the Intervention Centre for Victims of Trafficking in Women (IBF).
Languages of the website: English, German, Spanish 
Pro-Centret is a centre for consultations and information on prostitution. Services of this Danish organization are open to women victims of trafficking. 
Languages: Danish (English version is under construction).
Terre des Femmes is a German NGO working to protect human rights of women and girls. The organization is a member of German Federal Association against traffic in women and violence against women in the migration process KOK. 
Languages: German, English 
Kvinnoforum works in the field of gender issues and impowerment. The web site includes several databases on women’s health and gender issues, including trafficking.
Languages: Swedish, English
Nationwide anonymous counselling regarding prostitution and trafficking in women in Denmark.
Languages of the website: English, Russian, Danish

More contacts of organizations working to prevent trafficking in human beings and assisting victims of this crime can be found in the following sections of this web-site:

ASSISTANCE FOR VICTIMS/ sub-section “Organizations assisting victims of trafficking abroad” (click HERE for direct link)

DEFINITIONS AND LEGISLATION/ sub-section “Definitions” (click HERE for direct link)

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