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Victims of trafficking in women get into difficult and threatening situations, nevertheless, they are not absolutely helpless. If you were deceived by false promises of work or marriage abroad, forced into prostitution against your will, exploited, threatened or beaten, deprived of your documents or of your earnings, kept under lock or something similar has happened to you – immediately contact institution or organization from the list given here.

Guide for searching help

Generally there are three ways to find assistance for victims of trafficking in women. This guide will help you to find assistance in most countries.

1. One way out is contacting local police in a foreign country. Trafficking of human beings is considered a crime, and many countries have strict penalties for committing it. Trafficked persons are victims of crime, and in case of need they will be protected and assisted by the police.

Police/ Ambulance abroad

2. Contacting embassy of your home-country abroad will help to solve problems with your documents in case you were deprived of them, you will also be assisted in safe return back home, information on other kinds of assistance will be provided and you will be helped to contact the necessary organizations.

Lithuanian embassies abroad

Latvian embassies abroad

Estonian embassies abroad

3. If you do not trust or are afraid of police and other officials, bellow are the numbers of organizations in various countries ready to provide you with legal, medical, psychological and other necessary assistance. Address them in case you are forced to engage in prostitution abroad and need help. Those organizations provide anonymous help for victims of trafficking in women and do not inform police or other official institutions about the case.

Organizations assisting trafficking victims abroad

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