Lithuanian Women Make Up 14,7 Percent of Trafficked Victims in Germany

Prepared according to Delfi (, 2003 08 11, Vilnius

Lithuania is still the main country of origin of women trafficked for sexual exploitation in Germany. According to the news porztal “Delfi”, almost one seventh of women trafficked to Germany were women trafficked from Lithuania. This data was published by German police in their annual report on trafficking in human beings.

According to German law enforcement officers, 811 women were illegally trafficked to Germany and two thirds of them had been engaged into prostitution.

17,6 percent of victims mentioned above were trafficked from Russia, 14,7 percent – from Lithuania, 11,2 percent – from Bulgaria.

In 2000 Lithuania was the first among all countries by women trafficked to Germany. Lithuanians made up 17,5 percent of victims of trafficking in human beings in Germany in 2000 and overtook Ukraine (12,4%) and Russia (12,4%). The share of Lithuanian women trafficked to Germany decreased in 2001(made up 12,1%), however, Lithuania remained among the main countries of origin for trafficking women to Germany.

According to 2002 German police annual report, more than half of trafficking victims were not informed about the nature of their job abroad. Only one fourth of victims knew that they would work as prostitutes. The youngest victim of trafficking was fifteen. According to the police, traffickers gained 8,4 mln. euros from this business. Police managed to confiscate just 1,5 mln. euros gained from trafficking in women.

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