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Before accepting an offer to work abroad – obtain as much information as possible. Maybe our advice will be useful for you also. Here you can learn the basic things you should do before going abroad or when already there if you want to avoid falling prey to human traffickers. If you are still not sure or have some questions – contact us for consultation.Give advice:
In case you have already some experience of work abroad (either good or bad), and would like to give your own advice for those intending to leave – write us an email. It is a possibility to share your experience with many other people and maybe to prevent them from getting into serious trouble.

What you should do before the departure:

  • Carefully check the offer of job abroad. Among the advertisements that offer the jobs, are trustful offers and others, which are on purpose unclear. Learn to distinguish them. Even the offer of a friend or a relative must receive a proper consideration.
  • Check if the company offering services of employment abroad is legal. Companies which employ people from the Baltic States in foreign countries have to obtain an official licence for their activities.
  • Get as detailed working contract as possible. Be informed about working permission and about your stay abroad. Check on all possible details.
  • Call the embassy of the destination country in Lithuania and ask what requirements for foreigners’ employment in that country are.
  • Inform your family or close friends about your departure to work abroad.
  • Leave the exact address of your planned stay and all the information about your future employer at home.
  • Try to find the maximum of contact addresses in the destination country. Take note of the phone numbers and the address of your home-country’s Embassy.
  • Leave the passport copy and your last photo at home. Take the passport copy (better approved by notarius) with you in case you lose or are deprived of of the original.
  • Get complexly insured, including accident and illness.
  • Make an agreement with your friends and family when and how you let them know about how you are doing.
  • Take certain financial amount for the beginning, at least minimum for a prospective transport back home.
  • In case you are not sure whether you have made the right decision, call the IOM offices in Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn. They will give you an advice.

During the stay abroad:

  • Under any circumstances, do not give your passport away to anybody, unless you are requested to do this by an authority. You can provide data from your passport without giving the passport away. Even for an illegal work your employer does not need your passport!
  • In case that your documents are stolen, do not hesitate to contact the police or the Lithuanian Embassy immediately.
  • If the conditions of your stay are different to those specified in the working agreement, contact the agency or the person who mediated you the job. Ask for an immediate improvement. If the situation does not change, you have the right to withdraw from the contract.
  • Do not accept dubious presents and gifts during the entire course of your stay. Don’t be indebted to anybody.
  • Call your family and friends according to your previous agreement.
  • Immediately inform them about any change in your stay.
  • In case of need do not hesitate to contact the Embassy of your home country or police in the state where you work.
  • In case you are in troubles and the conditions are unsuitable, call the IOM offices in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn – they will give you an advice.

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